The Azienda Agricola “Molino a vento” by Ioanna Domenico was born from the desire to safeguard the native breeds of Monti Dauni like the Garganica Goat and the Black Pig Apulo-Calabrese, rustic and very resistant breeds that because of their slow growth and low productivity are threatened with extinction.
The animals are entered in the appropriate herd book of the breed, are reared in the semi-free range and producing cheeses and typical cured meats.

Natural food, on mountain pasture, is integrated in winter with cereals produced directly on the farm. This has a zero environmental impact thanks to the installation of a wind generator and a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the stables.
The consistency of the farm amounts to more than 50 pigs, and more than 500 sheeps and goats.

The Azienda Agricola “Molino a vento” is on the front lines to enhance its territory and its typical products, keeping the local traditions alive and promoting them in many events around Italy.
Over the years the farm has become a short chain of eco-gastronomy with excellent quality and consumer safety.
It is possibile to visit farm and to taste and to buy cheeses and black pork cold cuts of Monti Dauni.

Molino a Vento

Contrada Molino a Vento
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