Camper area

In October 2021 the Camper Area of the Municipality of Biccari was inaugurated, in Via Calcare, near the Villa Comunale. There are the following services: 10 seats, drinking water, electricity and wastewater discharge, night lighting, automatic access bar, picnic area.

For info and reservations please contact the Community Cooperative.

Bike sharing

The Bike Sharing service is active thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Biccari and the Biccari Community Cooperative.

Bikes are available in the Piazza Matteotti car park. For info and reservations please contact the Community Cooperative.

Braille Tourist Guide

We are always attentive to tourism related issues. For this reason we have also created a tourist guide in Braille for people with visual impairments.

The guide in Braille format is available at the InfoPoint in Piazza Municipio.

Door-to-door recycling process

In our rown, door-to-door recycling is active in special plastic containers. Every day, according to a specific calendar, a particular type of garbage is collected to favor the separate collection of waste.

Calendar and info are available on the website of the Municipality of Biccari.

Touristic guides

It is possible to request an guide service in the historic center and along the routes of the Lake Pescara and Monte Cornacchia naturalistic area. Qualified personnel will be able to show you all the beauties of Biccari, from the history of the village to the very rich flora and fauna.

For info: Lorenzo Bianco, Cooperativa di Comunità Biccari

Electric car charging & fast internet connection

In the territory of our village there are several recharging points for electric cars:

  • at the Adventure Park, near Lake Pescara
  • at Via Calcare, after the post office
  • at “Parco delle Rose”

In Biccari you can also use an optical fiber connection (FTTC) up to 100MB.


The new direct communication line between Municipality and Citizens through WhatsApp instant messaging application.
The messages are sent in broadcast mode, therefore without the possibility for individual citizens to see or control the contacts of others. Everything happens in the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

To access the service it is necessary to save the phone number 346.5439550 in the address book of your smartphone and send a Whatsapp message with the following text: “NAME SURNAME – ACTIVE”.


Thanks to the idea, the work and the talent of Annapaola Molle and Paolo Vecchiolla the BiccariBot project started.

Among the countless bots available and free there is also the friendly BiccariBot, the artificial user created by the two talented young people to interact with citizens and visitors of Biccari about the scheduled events, the timetables of public transport, the weather, the history of typical local products and monuments, the calendar of garbage collection, the menu of the school canteen, terms and expressions of the local dialect and much more, also with the possibility of receiving daily notifications.

Guardia medica

Via Giardino n.1
Telefono: 0881.591916

Emergenza Sanitaria
Tel. 118

Municipality of Biccari

Piazza Municipio, 1
Tel. 0881/591007 (Centralino) – Fax 0881/591173

Useful phone numbers

Comune di Biccari
Tel. 0881/591007 (Centralino) – Fax 0881/591173

Prefettura di Foggia
Tel.: 0881/799613 – Fax.: 0881/722312

Tel. 0881/593010 (Stazione di Biccari)
Tel. 0881/634444 – Fax 0881/634444 (Comando Provinciale Carbinieri – Foggia)
Tel. 112 (Pronto intervento)

Questura di Foggia
Tel. 0881/6681 – Fax 0881/668242

Polizia di Stato – Soccorso Pubblico di emergenza
Tel. 113

Vigili del fuoco
Tel. 115

Useful phone numbers

Guardia di Finanza
Tel. 117

Corpo Forestale dello Stato
Tel. 0881/593238 (Stazione di Biccari)
Tel. 1515 (Pronto Intervento Emergenza Ambientale)

Tel. 80900800

Telefono Azzurro
Tel. 114

Drogatel (Pres. del Consiglio dei Ministri)
Tel. 800016600

Ferrovie dello Stato
Tel. 848888088