Opened in September 2011 upon a proposal by the CAI in Foggia, the “Sentiero Frassati” involves 5 municipalities of the Cornacchia Mountain area: Biccari, Castelluccio Valmaggiore, Faeto, Celle di San Vito and Roseto Valfortore. Dedicated to Pier Giorgio Frassati, active member of the CAI from a young age, proclaimed Blessed by Giovanni Paolo II in 1990, the “Sentiero Frassati” from Puglia is part of the 20 regional “sentieri Frassati” in the national territory.

There are several routes that connect the various villages and the villages with the Cornacchia Mountain, the tallest mountain in Puglia. There are two ways to reach the Cornacchia Mountain from Biccari: a trail network on dirt road that, starting from Giacomo Leopardi street, crosses Località Teglia and Masseria Caterino, turns right towards Canale dell’Organo and goes up until Pescara Lake and the Parco Avventura (Adventure Park).

From here it is possible to reach the Cornacchia Mountain shelter through a steep path on rocky road or through a dirt road that crosses the woods of the higher area of Località Boschetto.

The second option is to reach Pescara lake and Cornacchia mountain through the paved road from the village center crossing Località Santa Lucia and Mulino a Vento. The different routes offer equipped rest and picnic areas.


Thanks to Marlena Checchia for the translation.