In the last years Biccari has been subject of relevant archaeological research (excavations and recognitions) coming from the realization of works of public interest or from university studies that deepen the knowledge of the district history. Nowadays, a big part of the emerged heritage is preserved at the Civic Museum inside the Byzantine Tower. Also the collections of the Farmer Ethnographic Museum, the Shoemaker and the Carpenter Museums are worth a visit.

One of the sites yet to be discovered is the medieval Tortiboli, from 2011 subjected to excavations conducted by the Istituto Storico Germanico in Rome, in partnership with the Università degli Studi di Treviri. In the area where today only a house-tower is visible,  there have been identified many structures, such as defensive facilities and the three-nave Episcopal church, with apsidal closure, which preserved the burial of a bishop, whose pastoral is preserved nowadays at the Diocesan Museum in Lucera.


Thanks to Marlena Checchia for the translation.