From 1€ upwards

“Houses in Biccari” is an experimental project developed by the village Municipality to show, through this online showcase, the typical houses of the historical center sold by owners at extremely competitive and affordable prices.

The emigration, depopulation and the rise of different housing models (as apartment buildings or cottages) lead to a progressive emptying of the historical center that still retains its charm and beauty.

It is possible to buy a house in Biccari with a little investment so that you can enjoy the living standard, the healthy environment, the welcoming community and the delicious food that characterize this nice village of the Monti Dauni in Puglia.

At the same time, you can help Biccari to have a wider population, even if temporarily, also giving the village the chance to be known and appreciated to a growing number of guests.


What is the role of the Municipality of Biccari?
The Municipality gets in touch with potential buyers with property owners of the village, trying to offer any useful information and support.
In addition to the selling price, are there any other charges for buyers?
In the case of houses sold for 1 Euro it is necessary to add expenses for the notarial act and other charges required by the law.
Who can I contact for any doubt or for an inspection?
The surveyor in charge of the project Mr. Angelo Pierro ( or the technician of reference mentioned in the statement of every single property.
Is it mandatory to take up residence in Biccari together with the purchase?
No, it is possible to buy houses even just for holiday purpose or as temporary houses.
Does Biccari have good internet coverage?
Yes, Biccari is currently served by fiber in technology FTTC with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps.
Who decides the selling price?
The selling price is always decided by the owner.


>>> Constantly updated catalog <<<

House 01 – Via Roma (sold)

House in Via Roma nr.132 – sold

House 02 – Via Roma (sold)

House in Via Roma nr.128 – sold

House 03 – Vico VI Duomo (sold)

Casa in Vico VI Duomo n.17 – sold

House 05 – Via M. Delle Grazie

House in Via Madonna delle Grazie – temporarily not available

House 06 – Vico II Duomo

House in Vico II Duomo

House 11 – Via Garofalo (sold)

House in Via Garofalo nr.13 – sold

House 12 – Via Lippi

House in Via Lippi

House 13 – Salita Annunziata (sold)

House in Salita Annunziata – sold

House 14 – Via Caro Gioiello

House in Via Caro Gioiello

House 16 – Via Canfora (sold)

House in Via Canfora n.3 – sold

House 17 – Vicoletto I Pozzi

House in Vicoletto I Pozzi nr.7

House 18 – Via Fuori Porta Garofalo (sold)

House in Via Fuori Porta Garofalo n.137 – sold

House 19 – Via Madonna delle Grazie (sold)

House in Via Madonna delle Grazie n.4 – sold

House 20 – Vico Caro Gioiello (sold)

House in Vico Caro Gioiello n. 45-47 – sold

House 21 – Via Domenico Lippi

House in Domenico Lippi street nr. 16

House 22 – Via San Quirico

House in Via San Quirico n.7

House 23 – Vico VII Duomo (sold)

House in Vico VII Duom nr.11-13 – sold


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