The “Consortium Terre di Biccari” is created from the love and attachment for their land of five young friends, farmers and producers of durum wheat. The common objective is to support and promote the production of high quality pasta using exclusively durum wheat from the hills that surround Biccari, a small town located in the heart of Monti Dauni, distant a few kilometers from Foggia. Biccari has a very wide vast territory ranging from sunny plains to Monte Cornacchia, the highest peak in Puglia. This heterogeneity of the territory and the consequent biodiversity of microclimate creates a diversification in type and quality of the grains grown, which is a peculiarity of our pasta. In this generous and fertile land, where the ancient agricultural skills and the warm rays of sunshine brown our golden spikes of grain, a refined wheat has its origins, from which a genuine, authentic, simple pasta originates, with high standards of gastronomic quality, completely free of glyphosate, mycotoxins and residues of agro-drugs, a regal pasta, the focal point of the Mediterranean diet, where flavor and healthiness is blended. Enhancing the potentiality of our region by creating products of excellence and carrying out a sustainable and respectful agriculture is the challenge that motivates us.


The pasta
The pasta of the “Consortium Terre di Biccari” has its origin in the heart of the Monti Dauni. It is a bronze wire-drawing pasta and is produced only with durum wheat of our hills and pure water. The grain of the consortium is produced scrupulously following our production specification and is delivered after the subscription by farmers of a cultivation contract. We only use our high quality semolina, extracted from the heart of the grain, which has a golden yellow color.  The high protein content gives first the semolina, and  then the pasta, a scent and an intense flavor which recalls the tasty pasta of the past with also good cooking properties. Our pasta is hand-crafted followed by a slow drying process. The pasta sizes are obtained through the use of bronze beads that makes the surface rough and enables  to pick up all the flavors and colors of the sauce and gives our pasta tastiness and high quality.


The semolina of our “Consortium Terre di Biccari” is produced by the grinding of only the durum wheat of hills that surround Biccari. It is characterized by the greater presence of protein, gluten and food fibers than wheat, which  gives also a particular fragrance and greater preservability. It is ideal for the production of a variety of breads, sandwiches, buns, slippers, biscuits, typical sweets.

Consorzio Terre di Biccari

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